Appliance Blue Book Image

The Appliance Blue Book®

A Service Company Solutions, LLC Product

Understanding the Printed Blue Book

Below is a page from the printed Blue Book.  The book is categorized alphabetically by appliance type, then alphabetically by brand.  The book lists a description of each repair, a part number we used to calculate the price, the total price, the Labor Code and an ANC Code.  At the top of the page under the brand you will see the Service Charge for this appliance.  

The price is a total price and included the service charge, part and repair labor. 

The Illustration below:

1. Service Charge

2 Total price for the repair

3. Labor Code (list of labor codes are on page 14 of the book)

Printed Book Pricing

Technician (pocket Edition) or Office (Larger Print Edition) $299.95
* Plus Shipping/Handling

Printed Books

We produce 2 sizes of the printed book. Exactly the same information but the Office size is larger.
The Technician Edition is approximately 4" x 6.5" x .5".
The Office Version is approximately 6 "x 9.625" x .5".

Each book is printed on a nice white paper, perfect bound with a glossy cover and a vinyl cover to protect it.

Unlike normal paperback books we us a special resin based glue that is much more durable than standard paperback glue.

Features & Benefits

  • All Appliances in one book!
  • Includes high-end and built-in appliances!
  • Approximately 10,000 jobs!
  • Ensures the professional rates you deserve!
  • Builds credibility with your customers!
  • Consistent pricing for your customers and technicians!
  • Saves you, your customers and your technicians’ time with one easy to find job rate!
  • Increase profitability!
  • Easy-to-use and understand by technician and customer alike!
  • Professionally printed and bound!
  • Protective, clear, vinyl cover for durability!