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This service is for Appliance Repair Professionals Only. 

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MPH Search (MPH) was Service Company Solutions’ first tool. We originally conceived the concept to allow service companies to locate parts efficiently.  Now, after 11 years, the next generation of MPH (called MPH Search) is here with a product that is better than ever.

What it does

MPH Search gives service companies the ability to search all over the U.S. & Canada in seconds.  The program works in two ways.

First, you enter your current part suppliers’ information in to the system.  Then enter the part number you are looking for and it will quickly retrieve part information from your vendors based on your company account with them. 

Second is the nationwide search option.  When your parts distributors do not stock a part, the nationwide search will search all of the participating parts distributors stocking locations even if you do not have an account.   It will then display the Parts Distributors that show the part in stock, their contact information as well as the specific stocking location.

Please Note: Service Company Solutions does not sell or stock parts.  We gather the information and present it in one location.  We will provide you with the contact information and you will make arrangements for payment & shipping directly with the buying/selling party. 


MPH Search (MyPartsHelp Gen II) is now live.
Activation Fee: $49
Cost: 2¢ per Nationwide Search
2¢ per My Accounts Search (includes inventory upload)
$10 minimum per month.

(for combo pricing with the Blue Book, visit the Blue Book product page)

Features & Benefits

  • Your inventory & part distributor information in one easy-to-use interface
  • Ability to search all vendors in an instant
  • Decrease the time it takes looking for parts
  • Granular controls allow you to control what information is shared with your users

MPH Search, My Inventory & Integration

By connecting your inventory to MPH Search, you can see your inventory and all of your distributor’s information all in one easy-to-use interface 


You will be able to upload your inventory to this new tool directly from Service Desk or ePASS software.  It will automatically update your inventory levels based on your usage.   

In addition, you can choose to import your inventory using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into MPH Search. (Please note this process requires your regular, manual updates weekly or it will expire in the system after 30 days.) 

With our granular controls, you can exclude your inventory from other servicers view.