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Super-charge your triage for a quantum leap in your rate of first-call-completes!
Based on a massive database (garnered from the collective experience involving hundreds of participating companies), see instantly which parts are commonly used to solve issues on any model. Even see which symptoms, in regard to your own company’s experience, have been associated with each part.

ServiceDesk and ePASS users have a built-in interface for completely integrated access and usage. All other users have access via our fast and friendly mobile web interface.

What is One Large Improvement That Would Radically Increase Your Bottom Line? 

Consider that you only get paid on completed jobs and the average tech manages just eight stops per day. If you have a 63% rate of first-call-completes, that’s five completions per tech per day. If you are netting 20% profit overall, its only the 5th completion that gets you past break-even and into the black.

What if, out of the tech’s eight stops, you get one more completed call? Do you realize your profits would double? That’s right, double!

Small changes such as this, can make for some very large differences in your bottom line.


Activation Fee: $49 (Non-Refundable)
Per Lookup 18¢ each
(SD & ePASS 12¢ if sharing data )
Minimum $20 per month
Also available as a combo with Appliance Blue Book Subscription.

How It Works

Step One – Enter a Model Number.

That’s it.  

The system looks at all of the history based on that model and displays it on the page.  

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