Basic Training Videos

Basic Training Videos

A Service Company Solutions, LLC Product

Basic Training Videos

Service Company Solutions partnered with Thomas (Tommy) Lott of Sun City Appliance Academy to create these two essential training videos for Technicians.  Basic Electricity and Basic Refrigeration.  Each of these DVDs cover the fundamentals.  Here are the topics covered on each Video:

Basic Electricity (1 Hour 24 Minutes):
How electricity is created
Theory of electrons
How electricity is sent to the home
How breaker box / breakers control electricity
Define Basic Electricity Terms: Voltage, Current, Resistance, Amperage
Ohms Law / Practice scenarios
Volt / Ohm meter training
Outlet  Testing
Schematic Training : Terms, Symbols, Tracing Circuit Practices

Basic Refrigeration (53 Minutes):
What is refrigeration
How does refrigeration happen
What are the sealed system components
How do the sealed system components work together with refrigerant

DVD Pricing

Basic Electricity $189.95
Basic Refrigeration $189.95
Combo $299.95 (Save $79.95)
* Plus Shipping

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