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GLEEPS! & The 4 "A"s Training

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GLEEPS! Training

 GLEEPS! is an acronym created by Dean Landers as a training tool for his Technicians to improve the way they interact with customers.  Instead of treating a customer like a job, GLEEPS! focuses on creating a relationship with customers; the concept was later expanded to include Customer Service Representatives as well as anyone in your business who interacts with customers. Even the most experienced Technicians and CSRs can use these helpful tips and should consider the GLEEPS! Perspective.

We recommend viewing these on a regular schedule of quarterly or every six months to keep the information fresh and to prevent reverting back into old habits. Remember – You never get a second chance to make a good first impression!


1. The Greeting!
2. The Link!
3. The Examination!
4. The Explanation!
5. The Proposal!
6. The Seal!

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These are large download files. It is best to download directly to a computer. They are about 1 Gig files and not recommended to download to mobile devices.