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Policy & Procedures

A Service Company Solutions, LLC Product

Policies & Procedures

Service Company Solutions has identified and created a solution for service companies that need Policies and Procedures (P&P) for their company. The product is created in Microsoft Word format for easy editing and customizing specifically to your company. 

There are over 50 useful forms, waivers and policies on one disc. You simply open each document, customize it with your company’s information, edit the information to fit your business and area – then print. We do recommend that you have these documents reviewed by your legal counsel to ensure the legality in your area. You can pick and choose which documents work for your company.

The Policies & Procedure manual (e-files) is $199.95. This will save you countless hours trying to create these documents yourself. It will save you thousands of dollars over what a law firm would charge you to create them for you. Plus the waivers, forms and written policies could save you tens-of-thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal bills and lawsuits. This is a small investment to add structure and set policies for your company and staff that could pay off big for your company in the end.


P&P $199.95
Product zip file is downloadable after purchase.

P&P Graphic

The P&P Manual price includes a one use license per purchased disk. 
License Agreement: The license is for the purchasing company and its employees only. It cannot be distributed to other companies or individuals for free or a fee. All documents are covered under copyright laws and may not be copied or distributed beyond the above stated license without written permission from Service Company Solutions, LLC. 


Alarm Code and Key Acceptance Agreement
Cell Phones Cell Phone Usage Agreement 
Check Acceptance Policy 
Computer Use Agreement
Conduct, Rule 
Customer Service
Delivery Installation Crew Damage Responsibility
Dog Policy 
Dress Code 
Harassment Free Policy
Holiday Closings 
Indemnity Fund
Internet & E-Mail Usage Policy 
Limited Liability
 – Delivery/Install 
 – Electricity, Gas or Water Supply Shut-Off
 – Service 
Minors, Transactions with 
Non-Competition Probationary Agreement Clause 
Non-Competition Agreement 
Pay Period
Payment Methods 
Personal Leave, Sick Days and Bereavement
Phone Answering Script 
Phone Use, Personal 
Probationary Period 
Property of the Company 
Refrigerant Leak Testing 
Refrigerant Use/Handling Agreement 
Release and Assignment
Retirement Plan 
Robberies – How to handle a hold up 
Sales Commissions from New Appliances
Safety Equipment 
Safety and Health 
Service Ticket Completion Requirements 
Smoking On Premises Policy 
Store Hours 
Substance Abuse Policy 
Tool Policy 
Uniform Issue Form 
Uniform Policy 
Vacation Policy 
Vehicle Appearance, Cleanliness & Safety 
Vehicle Inventory & Maintenance Management 
Vehicle Use Agreement 
Work Hours, Employee