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Product Setup

Please Note:  Account sharing between companies is strictly prohibited. 

Product Setup & User Guide

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Software Integration

The setup on the left MUST be done prior to integration including the links to the individual product setup. Once completed all of the setup then follow these links for instructions to connect to your software.

Service Desk Advanced Settings

ePASS Advanced Settings

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We recommend the Chrome browser for the best experience.

1. Account Management (Step One)

Use your administrator credentials and go here:

Account Management Login: https://account.mypartshelp.com
Go to the subscriptions tab (pictured below) and make sure you are subscribed to the products. We recommend you subscribe to all products as that will give you the best value.

Subscriptions Graphic

A. Adding Users

Once you confirm you have properly subscribed, proceed to “My Company” tab. To add users select the “+” and then enter the new user.

Please Note: If you are using software, the system will generate the necessary connection accounts needed to connect to the software (ePASS & Service Desk) pictured right.

user setup

When you are adding users there are a few things to keep in mind.  We recommend you add every individual user in your company.  We do not charge by the user but it will be easier for you to keep track of who does what.   

If a user doesn’t have a valid email address, you can create an email look-alike format and use that.  We never email users so it doesn’t have to be valid.

As you proceed to setting up the Part Distributors or the Blue Book, these users become very relevant. 

To edit/update the users or to change a user’s password, click the edit pencil on the righthand side of the page and update or change the password. 

Please note: The users can not change or recover their password.  Only the account admin can add or change the user passwords.  


When you are first adding users you don’t need to select “Copy the User Settings from Another User”.  You will use this function later after setup when you add a new user and don’t want to setup all of the vendor settings.   You can simply copy them from an existing user.  When you first start there are no existing settings so ignore the “Copy User Settings…” during initial setup.

***NEW*** as of May 2021

Two additional settings for users.

1. If you want your user to see other users BB jobs check this box.

B. Adding or Updating Payment Information
To add a credit card to your account, go to “My Company” in the Blue navigation bar at the top.  Then scroll down to Payment Methods.  To add a new credit card, click on the “+” symbol in the upper left corner of that section.  Note you will need to add a new card before removing an existing credit card.
C. Setting Up Branches

This is an advanced admin function.  Keep in mind this affects multiple subscriptions and functions and should only be setup for companies with multiple branches and multiple accounts with suppliers.  Please contact our office before setting up branches!

D. Invoices

Copies of all invoices are located under the “My Company” tab by scrolling to the bottom of the page.  You can add an additional email so copies will be sent to an accounting person as well.  See below.

This completes the admin setup.  You can now proceed to individual product setup. 

E. Subscribing & Unsubscribing from products

To manage your subscriptions, go to your subscriptions tab in the Blue navigation bar. If you are not currently subscribed to any products, you can click on any of the available product to subscribe.  


When you are subscribed to products you will see them under the subscriptions tab and you will see on the far right side an option to unsubscribe.  

F. Admin Password Management 

The admin password is the password set when you created the account.  The passwords are encrypted as soon as they are entered. We can not see these passwords or tell you what they are.  If you do not remember your admin password, you will have to reset the password using the instructions below.

User passwords are controlled by the company admin.  To manage users and passwords, please reference the adding user section above.  Click here to jump to the users section.