Service Desk Integration

Service Desk Integration Instructions

Please Note:  You must complete the following setup on our servers before doing setup in Service Desk!

MPH Diagnostics Setup
MPH Search Setup
Appliance Blue Book Setup
Blue Book Estimate Cart Passover (coming soon)

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Before You Start!

Make sure you have completed the product setup here before you begin the integration.

Never use your Admin Login Credentials for anything except to manage your account. 
You should only use the auto generated credentials and individual user credentials in your Business Management Software. 

MPH Diagnostics - SD Instructions

* Make sure you are running SD Version 4.8.105 or Higher *

You will need several credentials from your original email when you signed up for MPH Diagnostics.  These are in the body of the email. 

To Begin in Service Desk:
Select – Command Summary
    – PartProcessSystem
    – MyPartsHelp Setup

Select – Enter any various MPH Credentials



Enter the Credentials from the email.  C – Consumption is for using Diagnostics in SD and U-Upload is for sharing parts information back with the our system.  (take note that confidential information is not uploaded). Upload required for the lower rate.

Next, you will need to test that your credentials for uploading are working. In order to do this go to the Archive Parts Process form (Ctrl-F8) and then press Ctrl-U to trigger and upload. This will do a test upload, and you should see a progress bar and then a message saying the process completed.

You can also initiate a manual upload from the “Enter Various MyPartsHelp Credentials” Screen and select the “With max quantity that I specify” and enter a quantity of 100.

Final Settings – Under File – Settings Select “Upload Parts Usage info to MPH Diagnostics.

How to Use Diagnostics Inside of SD.

Inside SD, Right Click the Triage Button and it will run diagnostics for the current job.  (Note: job must have the model number listed to display the diagnostic information.)  


Items displayed on the left are for the exact model & items on the right are the family of this product (different colors, previous models, etc.).

Based on the customer complaint, the system will highlight related parts and change the color of those lines.

Clicking on any items will give you additional options inside of SD.  


Clicking on Incidents where other parts are also used will show what additional parts have been installed with the selected part.

Clicking on the Symptom description available will show your symptoms for previous jobs you have completed.  

If you are part of a peer group or have other companies that you would like to share your customer complaint with and vice versa, we can help you connect companies together.  This is only done with permissions from all companies sharing information. 

The system automatically searches the customer complaint entered in the job record.  Update: The complaint is listed below the model in the diagnostics window (No picture available). To edit, click the complaint in this window and enter the new search to see if they system can find more suggestions. 

The products below require the BB Sync+ Module to be turned on by Rossware prior to proceeding.
These product are available through our hotlink process. The system will launch a browser and log in each user.


BB Sync+ is the interface that updates inventory and Blue Book Data between our system and ServiceDesk.  

First contact Rossware and ask them to setup and send you the BB-Sync+ interface.  Then follow the instructions on the right. 


My Inventory in MPH Search Doesn't Match My SD Inventory.

If for some reason your inventory doesn’t match your SD inventory you will probably need to reset your inventory.  This is a 2 step process. 

Step One: Log in to your Admin account at  Once logged in, go to inventory tab in the blue bar and delete your entire inventory.

Step Two: In the BBSync+ interface, hold down the control key and click the “Do immediate update” button.  This will trigger a fresh upload of inventory.

MPH Search - SD Instructions

To set MPH Hotlink Credentials:
Go to Command Summary
– PartProcessSystem
-MyPartsHelp Setup
– Enter any of various MyPartsHelp Credentials into ServiceDesk
– Select “S” and copy and paste the Hotlink email and password provided in your email.  (this can also be found under “My Company” tab in the admin screen and under the users section look for the MPH Hotlink.  The email and password are the same so copy and paste the email listed in both email and password fields.)

Hotlinking allows you to launch a browser, MPH Search, MPH Diagnostics & the Online Blue Book with one click.  It logs the user in automatically for faster and more productive use of time.

PLEASE NOTE: SD Mobile the individual user is set in the SD Mobile application for each technician.


Appliance Blue Book - SD Instructions

The New “BB Import” process which is currently in development and should be available soon.  There are no per user charges for this option.  With this option, you launch the hotlink of the MPH/Blue Book, create your Blue Book Quote and it will import the BB quote into ServiceDesk. 

BB Import Pictures and instructions coming soon.