MPH Search Product Setup

Product Setup & User Guide

1. Account Management (Step One) (7-10 Minutes)

2. MPH Search Setup/User Guide (Step Three Below)(15-20 Minutes)
        A. Adding your Vendors
        B. Setting Permissions for Users (Do Not Skip)
        C. Prioritizing Vendors
        D. Setting up & Prioritizing Stocking Locations. 
(Do Not Skip)

       User Guide

3. Appliance Blue Book (Step Three) (20-25 Minutes)
4. MPH Diagnostics Setup/User Guide (Step Four) (1 Minute)

Software Integration

Stop Graphic

The setup on the left MUST be done prior to integration. Once Completed follow these links for instructions to connect to your software.

Service Desk Advanced Settings

ePASS Advanced Settings

Chrome Logo

We recommend the Chrome browser for the best experience.

2. MPH Search Setup Guide (Step Two)

Make sure you have completed your Account Management setup (step one above) before starting this setup.  
If you are not logged in, you will need to start from the Admin login page.   
Make sure you are subscribed to MPH Search.  If you can see Vendors in the Blue navigation bar you are properly subscribed.  If not, you should see a Subscribe Button and you can complete the subscribe process.  If this not the case, please call our office for assistance.

A. Adding Vendors
Make sure your Users are setup before proceeding or it will increase your setup significantly.  


PLEASE NOTE:  Only setup the vendors you use the most and that you have valid login credentials for.   We will suspend accounts that add bogus vendors. 

Vendor Setup
New Vendor Setup
Vendor Drop Down Menu

Enter your user name and password as you would if you went directly to the vendors website.  This process is under account management setup.


B. Setting user permissions and MPH Search Markup.

You set user permissions and markup under each vendor.  This is why you added the users before starting this process. (If you add a new user, you will have to go through and set permissions in each vendor.)

Markup applies to each user.  Examples: you can set up parts to see information with no markup. But for what technicians see in a customers home, you probably want them to show final pricing for the customer.  

Programming Note:  Wholesale cost is not currently available.  If it does become available, you will only see one wholesale price, it will not be a price shopping tool. 

Repeat with each additional Vendor added.

Our #1 support issue is people skipping this and the next step.  

Repeat for each vendor

User Message/Error

If your users get the message on the right, you have not given them permission to see the vendors.  See above to give them access. 

C. Prioritizing your vendors. 

Grab the six dots in front of the vendor and you can drag and drop them in any order of preference.  Higher priority would be at the top. 

After you are finished sorting the order, you can grab the last item, move it, and that will prioritize the remainder of what is left. 


D. Setting Stocking Location Prioritization

After the vendors are added, you need to set the branches you purchase from.  This is a drag and drop procedure.  Click the six dots in front of the location and drag it to the location you want in the list.  (You will need to do this for each vendor). 

Once you are happy with the order, grab the last one in the list for that vendor and move it a little to have the system finish prioritizing all of the remaining locations. 

Next under shipping days, set the number of days it takes you to receive the parts once the order is place.  Finally set the cutoff time.  Example: If you order by XXX (i.e. 2pm) then you will get your parts the next day, etc. 

The system displays availability of parts by the fast deliverable  part.  Example: On your list is Vendor A and Vendor B. If Vendor B has the part available faster, it will show Vendor B first regardless of your listing preferences.  The fastest available part is the best service for the customer.  This is why the system prioritizes them in this order.  

But if Vendor A and Vendor B both have the part and both are one-day shipping, the system will display in the order of the Vendors in your Vendor List.   If you have questions you can reach out to our office for help. 

You have completed the vendor setup.  


You can use MPH Search without Inventory. Setup is optional.

Adding your own inventory it a fantastic feature so your staff can see all parts/inventory options in one place.

Inventory can be added in two ways.  The easiest process is to connect your inventory in Service Desk or ePASS software with our system.  Once this is connected it will automatically update your inventory on our system and there is no manual maintenance need by you. 

If you do not use either of these software choices, you can manually upload your inventory using an Excel spreadsheet.  You will need to use our template to make sure the information is in a format that we can import.   Please contact our office for assistance with this procedure. 

To begin, select Inventory from the blue navigation bar and enter your parts contact information.  This can be the same contact information as the admin but it could also be a designated parts person within the company.  This information is used when searching for parts from other service companies. This is also used if you make your inventory available to other servicers.  If this information is not set, the system will disable all functionality associated with those services. 

Rossware Instructions (Please Note you will need to have the “BB Sync +” installed on SD first please contact Rossware for more information)

ePASS Instructions (ePASS users please contact ePASS to have this option turned on first)

Next, you will need some understanding of the system to make sure parts are showing as you expected.  As you can see the graphic, My Parts is a display of all of the parts that you have uploaded in our system. (Keep in mind if you are using software connection this can take 24 hours to fully show your inventory.)  When manually uploading, you can upload under the My Parts Tab and clicking the uploads.  Before doing this please download the template to make sure your parts are in the correct fields.  Next we recommend doing a small sample of the parts (maybe 10 parts) and upload to make sure the file will work with our system.  (Note: It is very frustrating to spend days on a spreadsheet to find out it is not set up correctly.)


Stocking Locations

Manual Uploads, we strongly recommend contacting our office for assistance.  Remember if you manually enter a record on our system it will expire after 30 days if you don’t update it.  If you upload an excel file, again it will expire after 30 days if you do not update it.   The prevents out-of-date inventory in the system.  Inventory is deleted if it expires. 

The proper way to do manual inventory is to keep an excel spreadsheet on your own computer.  As you sell or use this inventory, change your spreadsheet and then on a regular basis (i.e. weekly) upload the excel file into the system. We do not offer inventory backup and we can not restore your inventory.  

MUST READ:  You must maintain a copy of your inventory on your computer.  Do not count on our system to maintain your inventory.  If there are any issues and your data is erased from our system you will need your copy on your system to restore it.  We do not guarantee the accuracy of your inventory.  Also note, manual uploads must be updated frequently or after 30 days it will be erased.  This prevents out-of-date inventory from being listed in our system. 

After you have inventory in our system (either from software upload or manual upload) you will need to set the settings for stocking locations.  You can “restrict from sale” (example: Truck stock) from other servicers being able to see the inventory by stocking location.  We also have the ability for affiliates to see your inventory.  Affiliates would be companies that you give permission to connect to you.  Options: You can restrict from sale and still show to affiliates or you can also restrict from affiliates. 

MPH Search User Guide

The setup must be completed before you can use the MPH Search Features.

To use MPH Search start on the Part Search tab. (You can also click on a part number inside of MPH Diagnostics and it will automatically open the Part Search Tab and display the search information.)  

IMPORTANT NOTES: You can not use MPH Search without any vendors! Also, you can not do a Nationwide Search without selecting a brand.

To login go to and login.


Once logged in, you can navigate using the Blue navigation bar at the top of the page or by clicking on the product name under “Our Products”  

Once you are in the program use the Blue navigation bar to move between products.  

MPH Search is easy to use once it is set up properly.  Simply enter a part number, select a brand and click the “Search My Accounts” button.  You can do an advanced search if your distributors do not have the part in stock. The nationwide will search all vendors (even if you don’t have an account) and our members with inventory available for sale for a hard to find part. 

Your results will display with shipping availability, pictures of the parts and much more.  

Ready to use it?  The user login (web-interface):  

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