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MPH Diagnostics Product Setup

Product Setup & User Guide

Account Management (Step One) (7-10 Minutes)
MPH Search Setup/User Guide (Step Two) (15-20 Minutes)
Appliance Blue Book (Step Three) (20-25 Minutes)
MPH Diagnostics Setup/User Guide (Below) (1 Minute)

MPH Diagnostics is ready to use right out of the box.   There is no setup necessary.  The user guide is below. 

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Software Integration

The setup on the left MUST be done prior to integration. Once Completed follow these links for instructions to connect to your software.

Service Desk Advanced Settings

ePASS Advanced Settings

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MPH Diagnostics User Guide.

Congratulations on subscribing to MPH Diagnostics.  

Below you will find the instructions on how to use MPH Diagnostics.  If you need to interface with your software, please follow the links on the Right for documentation.
If you are subscribed to other products such as MPH Search & the Online Blue Book you need to set those up before proceeding with integration.)

Very easy to use.  Users will go to and log in.

Simple to use instructions graphic

Easy to follow. Enter a model number and search.  The program will return the following:

  • Part Numbers
  • Number of times the part has been used 
  • The percentage this part was the solution
  • Additional or associated parts used
  • Description of repair
  • The same information based on similar matches (left side of screen)


Search Customer Complaints and the system will try to match the complaint to previously completed repairs.

Based on the complaint the system will highlight in green, parts that match the complaints based on previous complaints.  

Keep in mind the system has to have multiple previous complaints that are the same for the system to calculate part options.  If there is not enough history, it will not highlight any parts.  Also if the appliance is new, there may not be enough repairs history to make a suggestion. 

 When a part was used, were other parts also used? 

 Ready to use it?  The user login (web-interface):