Product Setup

ePASS Integration Instructions

Please Note:  You must do your setup on our servers before doing setup in ePASS!

New setup instructions below for all of the product integration inside of ePASS.

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Before You Start

Make sure you have completed the product setup here before you begin the integration.

Never use your Admin Login Credentials except to manage your account. 
Use the individual user credentials in your Business Management Software.

ePASS Instructions Hotlink - Individual User Settings

The hotlink allows each individual user to access MPH Diagnostics, Search and The Appliance Blue Book.  When setting up each user it allows you to see who has created a Blue Book Quote & Custom Jobs.  There is no charge per user. 

Step One: add all of your users in your admin account (“My Company” tab).   This is where you setup the emails and passwords for each user. See illustration on the right top of this section.

Please make sure to set up all users including office & technicians.

Step Two: add the individual credentials into ePASS as described below.  

Go to “Tools”, Maintenance, Tables, User Security and enter each individual user’s email and password that you setup on our platform.  (see Illustration on the right)


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If you have not set up individual users on both our platform and entered them into ePASS as described above, do not continue until you do this.  You will have a bad experience if you do not follow these instructions. 

ePASS Integrated Instructions

Please Note:  Please update to the latest version of ePASS before starting this process.

Internal Software Settings:  System-wide settings.

Go to the Tool Tab, select Maintenance.
Go to the Variables Tab & 
Select Inventory Item from the Drop Down Menu. 

Check the “Use BB Sync +  (BB Sync+ is required for Blue Book and Inventory syncing)
(if you have credentials in the fields above the BB Sync check box, please remove those.  That is for the old platform.)

Enter the BB Sync+ Credentials.  If they were not in your email, you can find them under the “My Company” in your Admin Account  Click Here.  When you signed up, the system automatically generates these credentials. There are a number of different credentials for different things.  Select the one for each area that you are filling in.  The login is the email.  For BBSync+ and Hotlinking, the username (email) and password are the same.

Enable MPH Diagnostics Integration -(Systemwide) enter the two sets of credentials provided in your email.  If you do not have your original email please contact our office before proceeding.   This will allow you to use the MPH Diagnostics inside of ePASS system-wide. 

Please Note: Upload Credentials are only available in your original email when you signed up for MPH Diagnostics.  If you have trouble with this please contact our office 877-877-8635.

Please Note: The BB-Sync+ settings connects all of the background information, Blue Book Settings, Inventory etc.  

You will need to setup each individual user.  Instructions are in the next section below.  Keep in mind there are no per user charges on the new platform.  It does not cost you more to add users. 

ePASS Mobile Overview

On the right are screen shots of the products inside of ePASS.  On the right is what MPH Diagnostics looks like.  Below shows the Blue Book Job Rate import. 

Blue Book (BB) Import

Blue Book Import for ePASS Mobile users is now ready.   Make sure you have any ePASS updates complete.  

BB Import allows you to create a job rate in the Blue Book and then import it into the customer workorder.  Simply click the import button pictured on the left.  

Things to note: the tax does not import.  Tax is handled on the ePASS side.