Product Setup

Appliance Blue Book

Please Note:  You must do your setup on our servers before doing setup in other Software.

Account Management (Step One) (7-10 Minutes)
MPH Search Setup/User Guide (Step Two) (15-20 Minutes)
Appliance Blue Book (Below) (20-25 Minutes)
        A. Pricing Models
        B. Brands Pricing Setup
        C. Setup Job Rate Page
        D. Tax Setup
        E. Other Charges
        F. Labor Codes
        G. Custom Jobs (NEW)
        H. Discounts (NEW)
        I. Ads (NEW)

MPH Diagnostics Setup/User Guide (Step Four) (1 Minute)

Software Integration

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The setup on the left MUST be done prior to integration. Once Completed follow these links for instructions to connect to your software.

Service Desk Advanced Settings

ePASS Advanced Settings

Chrome Logo

We recommend the Chrome browser for the best experience.

Shortcut to How to Use the BB.

First if you haven’t already subscribed to the Blue Book, you will need to before proceeding.  Subscribing and Unsubscribing is covered under the Account Management (Step One). 

Setting up the Online Blue Book is the last step of your setup.  If you have not completed the earlier steps, the Blue Book will not function properly.  The new platform requires MPH Diagnostics and MPH Search to be turned on for the Blue Book to function properly.  

We have minimized the setup on the new platform.  We have defaulted many of the Blue Book Settings to be the same as what would be used in the printed Blue Book.  This version gives you the ability to customized and adjust the pricing to meet your needs.  

The Blue Book uses 3 components to create each Blue Book Rate.   Those components are: 1. Service Charge, 2. Parts with markup & 3. Labor Code (Repair) 

Setting up your Blue Book.

Pricing Models

We start with the Pricing Models.  This controls the Service Charges & Parts Markup.  To expedite the setup, we have defaulted many of the setting to what would be used for the Printed Blue Book.  We give you four options for parts markup.  No markup uses your parts distributors suggested retail price. Simple Markup allows you to set a markup percentage.  Tiered Model allows you to set price breaks and markup percentages.  The final option is the Service Desk Model.  This uses a sliding scale algorithm. If the part cost is low it uses a higher percentage markup.  If the price is higher it uses a lower markup.  If you want to base your markup on cost, you can do this but we do not recommend it. 

Pricing Model
Pricing Model Detail

Brands Pricing Setup

This section allows  you to assign the Pricing Models to Specific Appliance Types & Brands.  We have already assigned them but this section allows you to customize it.  Example: Let’s say that you do a ton of Samsung Dishwashers and you don’t consider them premium but instead, consider them a standard appliance, you can change it for your company.  The controls are granular and you can apply it by type of appliance so if the Samsung Dishwasher is standard but the Samsung Refrigerator you want to be premium you can do that.  


Setup Job Rate Page

This section controls how your Blue Book Presentation looks.  

You can upload your logo, set a company tagline and put in a subtitle: 

Tagline Example: Fixed Right The First Time!

Subtitle Example: Regional guide for the Tri-County Area. 

Service Charge Waived with Repair does not change the total price.  It only changes the way the calculations are displayed.  Service Charge is set to $0 and the amount is added to the repair labor.

Tax Setup

You can add as many different taxes as you need.  You name them to fit your needs. You can apply tax to parts only or parts, labor and/or service charges.  The Default can only apply to one tax and should be your most common tax rate. 

Other Charges

Other Charges apply to the total pricing in the background and are not displayed in the presentation screen.  The amount entered can be positive or negative.  You can set it to add sales tax.  

Other charges are charges that are not part of the regular Blue Book Rate.  Example: if you have to drive a longer distance, you may add an “Out of Area Charge” of $25.  An Example of a Negative charge would be a lower Service Charge on a second appliance of -$50. 

Coupons and other discounts a customer should see should not be entered in this area. 
They should be entered under Discounts.

Labor Codes

The Blue Book uses a set of labor codes for the repair portion of the job. We have preset these codes.  Although you can edit the amounts we don’t recommend changing them without significant thought.  If you want to change them we recommend contacting us for help. 


Custom Jobs (NEW)(Update July 2021)

Users can add jobs on the fly.  As you are setting up the Blue Book Initially this section won’t have any jobs yet.  Ad your techs use the system and add jobs, you will be able to see who created the job, what type/brand it was created for and you will be able to edit, approve or delete the custom jobs right from the admin login.   In addition, if you don’t approve the jobs, after 6 months the system will auto remove the jobs.  

How to add custom jobs by users is on the How to use the Appliance Blue Book Page. 

Discounts (NEW)

We have added a new feature in the Blue Book Presentation.  Tech Options is a dropdown that allows a technician to add a discount.  The discounts can be setup as a percentage (such as a senior discount of 10%)  or a fixed amount (such as a coupon for $20 off) on the total price.

When the Calculate Job Rate button is pressed, the system will display the Job Rate total, subtract the discount and show the final price as part of the Blue Book Presentation.  

Ads (NEW)

Ads (formerly Side Banner Ads) have been simplified from the old system.  We have made it easy for you to turn ads on or off with the “Is Active” check box at the bottom of the ads.

We have created some basic ads that are shown automatically.  You can turn off if you don’t want them to show.    

You can also make and upload new ads.  Ads should be created 500 pixels wide and whatever length you prefer.  Press the “+” button in the upper left side of the ads screen.  Then you upload the .jpg or .png file.  Enter the name you prefer and what appliance type you want it to apply.  If you prefer, you can select all and it will apply to all appliance types.