Blue Book, Online Blue Book with Technician Presentation, MyPartsHelp & MPH Inventory Webinars
We have recorded webinars to help you get started and more comfortable with our Blue Book and MPH products. The presentations vary in time from about 10 minutes to an hour depending on the product.  You will find a list of our webinars on the right side of this page.  

MPH Topics:
Sign-up process and why we require registration.
Setting up your Admin, Users and PD accounts
How to search your suppliers for a part.
How to do a Nationwide search if your PDs don't have it.
How MPH integrates for SD users.
The NEW MPH Inventory Tool
Question and Answer throughout the presentation
(The following will be touched on breifly)
The new web-based Blue Book Integration

The benefits of  using Flat Rate pricing compared to  Hourly!
Build customer confidence using a flat rate guide!
Find out how Time and materials pricing penalizes your technicians and your company!
Establish pricing consistency throughout your company!  
Earn professional rates for professional service!
How predictable and unpredictable circumstances affect pricing!
Question are encouraged throughout.

How to use the Blue Book Topics:
Utilizing all the features of The Original Blue Book
How to make adjustments to better fit your business
How to calculate multiple repairs on the same trip
How to convert from your current pricing structure to the Blue Book
How to present the Blue Book job rate to your customer!
Questions are encouraged throughout.

The New Online Blue Book with Technician Presentation and Custom Blue Books
This webinar is an overview of the new Online Blue Book Product with Technician Presentation and Custom Blue Books!
You will see how the product allows you to customize the service call rates, the job codes, add your own jobs!
Learn how the Technician Presentation works!

Discover how the add-on sales and notes portion of the presentation work!

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