(MPH) was Service Company Solutions first tool created to allow service companies to locate parts efficiently.  This product has gone through numerous revisions to make it the phenomenal product that it is today.

MPH gives service companies the ability to search over 100 stocking locations in seconds.  The program works in two ways. First, you enter you current part suppliers information in to the system.  Then enter the part number you are looking for and it will quickly pull up the part from your vendors and let you know if they have it in stock and at which branches.  The second process is the nationwide search option.  When your parts distributors do not stock a part, the nationwide search will search all of the participating parts distributors stocking locations even if you do not have an account.   It will then display the Parts Distributors that show the part in stock, their contact information as well as the specific stocking location.

The system is encrypted and on a secured server. We use the highest security encryption system available.  In addition to this encryption software, the SSL certificate, and the secured server, we require users of our system to enter valid personal information and a credit card so we can verify every user in our system.

How much does cost?

Our system, its is free for the vast majority of users, but in 2013 high volume users will need to subscribe to another product to help offset the cost of maintaining this site. For companies using a high volume you will need to upgrade to MyPartsHelp Premium or the Online Blue Book. Either subscription will allow you to continue to use the system with higher volume of queries.   Currently tens of thousands of queries are run each month and the number is increasing daily.  When we developed this product and initially rolled it out it was our intent to charge for this tool but we have decided that it is such a great tool for our appliance service community that we decided to give it away for FREE!  We are continuing this tradition but we've had to place limits on the free portion of the program.

Our system will not automatically start charging you for MyPartsHelp Basic. If you hit the high volume threshold you will be prompted to upgrade to a subscription. You can then select a subscription based product. You will not be forced to upgrade, but you will not be able to make additional queries until the some of the older queries expire.

We do charge for our other products including the MPH Premium with Inventory Upload which allows you to list your own parts that have been setting on your shelf.  You can find more information about this tool here.

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