MPH Premium with Inventory Upload
MyPartsHelp (MPH) Premium with Inventory Upload is our latest product offering.  Have you ever wondered what to do with all of your old, out-dated parts stock?  Why not sell it?!  We have all had issues with special order parts and a day later the customer calls and says they are going to buy a new appliance instead. You get stuck with that part with little chance of it reselling.  How about the  parts inventory that has been on the shelf for years?  Are you throwing away parts inventory (and profit) because you don’t have another way to sell  it?  MPH Premium with Inventory Upload allows you to upload your older inventory into our system. If the part is not available from any of the Parts Distributors, then it will display the parts from individual service companies.  Imagine instead of only trying to sell these parts to your own customers. You now have the opportunity to sell it to other service companies, getting it off of your shelf putting money in your bank instead.  With thousands of service companies with hundreds of thousands of customers who want to fix that old fluid drive Speed Queen washer or Frigidaire Flex Tray ice maker, BJC oven control,  (you get the point that old, old stuff can get repaired) . Your odds of unloading that old part have just improved exponentially!

How does MPH Inventory work? 
MPH Personal Inventory will allow you to list your inventory a couple of ways.  You can upload an excel file with your listing of parts.  You will need to keep good track of your inventory and update your listing to make sure your inventory is current.  The system will allow users to rank your inventory accuracy as well as your handling of the transaction.  The system also interfaces with Service Desk so if you are using the parts module of SD, you should be all set. 

Once your inventory is listed in our system, when another company searches for a part (and it isn’t available from a PD) the parts will show as available.  When a service company clicks on that part, it will remove it from our system and it will display your contact information and notify you that XYZ company would like to purchase this part.  At this point it is up to the searching and selling  companies to complete the transaction.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not stock, sell or resell any parts.  We are providing a tool that allows you to connect to the potential parts buyers/sellers.  There is a fee for listing inventory, but we don’t charge a fee* for viewing inventory or for providing the seller's information.

* MPH Basic is free to look up parts availability.  Some restrictions on the number of free search each month apply. 

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